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India's Leading Manufacturer of Toughened Glass WiFi - Touch Panel Switches for Advanced Home Automation

Experience the epitome of luxury and innovation with FOXDOMOTICS’ Wi-Fi-enabled toughened glass touch panel switches. Indulge in a seamless blend of elegance and modern technology as you control your home with just a touch. Discover the convenience and sophistication of our premium switches and elevate your living space to new heights. Welcome to a world of smart living with FOXDOMOTICS.

One system that communicates in many ways.

Home automation solution from Fox Domotics is a perfect blend of design and technology, providing you with an uber-luxurious lifestyle. Our product is easy to install, easy to operate and has a great aesthetic appearance as well as great functionality. In line with changing lifestyles and contemporary decor requirements, it resonates seamlessly. Take advantage of FOX DOMOTICS, a revolutionary home automation solution that simplifies your daily life.

Wi-Fi Control
Touch Control
Voice Control
Remote Control
Scene Control
Mobile App Control

Live, Connect, Automate: A New Home Experience

Encapsulates the synergy of modern living, seamless connectivity, and effortless automation for an enhanced way of life.

INOFEX takes home / hotel automation to the next level

INOFEX redefines the realm of home automation, propelling it into the future through groundbreaking wireless technology. Our system delivers unmatched flexibility, making home automation simple, stable, and cost-effective. Say goodbye to the complexities of wired technology and cumbersome infrastructure – with INOFEX, automation becomes effortless extravagance.

For Every Project There's An INOFEX Solution - Find Yours

At INOFEX, we believe that every project deserves a tailored solution that embodies excellence. Our versatile range of offerings spans various sectors, ensuring that whether you’re envisioning a home, hotel, office, retail space, or a large-scale development project, INOFEX has the perfect solution waiting for you.

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